Contestart Hotel Il Faro di San Felice Circeo

Event Time: 3 pm / Event Location: Hotle Il Faro - San Felice Circeo (LT)

The magic of the woman, between myth and modernity.

This lfil the thread that tied all the works that have adorned the first edition of The Lighthouse Hotel Contestart of San Felice Circeo.

Thirty-eight international artists tattoo from 6 to 8 May in the picturesque setting of the Circeo promontory were challenged with brush strokes .

In the enchanted land par excellence, inextricably linked to the myth of Circe, developed and immortalized by Homer in the pages of the Odyssey, was once again the meeting from which many today are revealed and suggestions which were not immune to the originators and organizers of the singular event.

Among all Pallocchini Andrea , from twenty years old tattoo artist who founded the brand with tattoos and Four X who runs the eponymous studio in Circeo.

The purpose of the event , as stated in its name ” Contestart ,” was to break the cliché according to which the tattoo is only a mere aesthetic expression linked to fashionable trends and marketing , emphasizing instead the artistic value that it plays as a form and means of expression , especially considering the fact that the tattoo artists are real artists who made the art of the tattoo just one of their forms of expression.

This is the objective of the professional team that has been working for months to make this a truly memorable first edition and ensure that it can only be the premise of a survey designed to consolidate over time.

The tattoo artists , the Contestart thirty-eight participants from different countries , were compared for three days of intense work on a single theme through the use of techniques “classic” such as painting and drawing.

Through their original creations made ​​in the field with the help of a brush, colors and easels , they played with the theme of seduction and fascination that the female body has always exercised in the art world .

Finally, the jury, chaired by Giovanni Cozzi, well-known photographer Roman , among the most popular part of the female portrait ( ) , in whose career there are also collaborations with Playboy, with Alexander founding in Venturato the 1997 Sunskin equipment ( ) , a company that produces all-Italian craftsmanship with professional machines for tattoo sold all over the world and El Rana , versatile artist and goldsmith of Arezzo, in the role of jurors.

Here are their names : the winner was Giancarlo Capra, the Romanian Pablo Caporeira was awarded second place , while third place went to Andrea Lanzi .

The May 8 , at the Hotel Il Faro di San Felice Circeo ended with the announcement of the winner of the first edition of Contestart and the second and third prize , awarded with original creations designed especially for the event from El Rana .

Great satisfaction of the organizers and Andrea Pallocchini first, hit by a lot of enthusiasm on the part of the artists, the media and the entire audience of art lovers .

You just have to pull the first budget , absolutely positive and start thinking about the next year, the second edition of Contestart .

You will see the progress of work and the work of the participants and winners of the event on the FB page and on the website :

Appointment to 2014 !


CONTESTARTE 12 13 14 15 MAY 2014

Event Time: 18.00 / Event Location: HOTEL RISTORANTE IL FARO

The  12, 13,14 and 15 of May  2014,  the Hotel Il Faro will host the second edition of CONTESTARTE organized by Andrea Pallocchini.